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KNFB Reader App IconWant to use KNFB Reader on a single iPhone, Android, or Windows 10 device?

The KNFB Reader app is for you. Purchase from your preferred app store:

Free KNFB Reader app for customers who are blind or have low vision! We are collaborating with Sprint to offer KNFB Reader Enterprise App for FREE with a new line activation or eligible upgrade. Visit sprint.com/vision, call 855-885-7568 or visit a Sprint store to learn more. Limited offer.

Learn how easy it is to give KNFB Reader as a gift!

KNFB Enterprise App Icon Want to use KNFB Reader on several different devices?

KNFB Reader Enterprise for Individuals allows you to use your KNFB Reader app on two or more devices that don’t use the same operating system. It works across iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. You can purchase a license for two, three, or four devices. For example, share it between your iPhone and your Windows 10 laptop, or any similar combination.

To purchase KNFB Enterprise, first purchase the appropriate license in one of the following ways:

You will receive an email with instructions for creating a user name and password that you will use to activate the app once you’ve downloaded it to your device or computer. After purchasing your license and receiving your user name and password, visit your preferred app store and search for “KNFB Enterprise,” or follow the links at the bottom of this page to download the app on your devices for free. Finally, open the app, enter your user name and password, and get started!

KNFB Enterprise App IconNeed KNFB Reader for a company, school, or organization?

KNFB Reader Enterprise volume purchasing licenses are available for schools, businesses, and organizations that need access to multiple app licenses for students, employees, or members. Organizations wishing to purchase the app in quantity can take advantage of our special volume pricing options, which may provide a significant cost savings over purchasing multiple licenses individually.

Site-license options are also available. These site licenses belong to the organization and allow for local administration and management of the app.

In the United States, please contact enterprise-info@nfb.org or a local distributor for details and pricing.

Outside the United States, please contact Sensotec or a distributor in your region for details and pricing.

For more information or to request a quote, contact enterprise-info@nfb.org.

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Want to sell KNFB Reader to others and help them learn the benefits and how to use it?

Become a distributor. To learn more about becoming a KNFB Reader distributor, contact enterprise-info@nfb.org.

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