KNFB Reader for Windows 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does KNFB Reader for Windows 10 do?

A: KNFB Reader recognizes and reads printed text from a document camera, scanner or even an inaccessible PDF or image file.

Q: What will it not do?

A:  It will not recognize hand writing. It will not reliably recognize credit card numbers. Curved surfaces can be difficult, but improve as the radius increases. Heavily stylized text or writing over or through pictures can be challenging.

Q: What are the app’s requirements?

A: KNFB Reader for Windows 10 is a Universal Windows App. It requires Windows 10. In order to do anything beyond recognizing image files with the app, an image capturing device is required. This could be a document camera, a flat-bed scanner or even the built-in camera on the back of a phone or tablet. Not all cameras are created equal, you will have better results if the camera has auto-focus, takes pictures of 5 Mega-pixels or more and includes a flash. Other factors, such as processor speed and available Ram will affect performance.   

Q: How do I get KNFB Reader for Windows?

A: It is available in the Windows 10 Store you can also search for KNFB Reader in the Store.

Q: How much does it cost?

A:  The regular price of KNFB Reader is $99.99 (USD). The cost in other countries is determined by the Store and includes exchange rates, VAT and other international considerations.

Q:  What languages are supported?

A: On initial release, only English will be supported. This will change in updates scheduled for shortly after launch.

Q: Do I have to buy KNFB Reader for every one of my computers?

A: No, your license for KNFB Reader is linked to your Microsoft account used at the time of purchase. Any device using your Microsoft account credentials can install KNFB Reader from the Windows Store.

Q: What devices work with KNFB Reader?

A: The app has been tested with many cameras. An exhaustive list is not possible. We have had great success with:


  • Hovercam Solo 8
  • Hovercam 5
  • ZiggiCam
  • A selection of unbranded web cams


  • CanoScan LIDE 210
  • Plustek OpticBook 4800

Generally, any Windows 10 compatible scanner should work, though some drivers may bring up inaccessible windows. This is beyond the control of KNFB Reader.

Q: What screen access software will work with KNFB Reader?

A: KNFB Reader works best with Narrator, NVDA and JAWS for Windows in that order.

Q: Will KNFB Reader run on my Windows phone?

A: Yes, as KNFB Reader is designed as a Universal Windows App (UWP), it will run on most any Windows 10 device. While there are many phones known to work with KNFB Reader, some of those we have tested are:

  • Microsoft Lumia 950
  • Microsoft Lumia 640XL

Q: When connecting a scanner or camera, I get an error. How can I fix this?

A: We recommend rebooting immediately after connecting a camera or scanner to your computer.

Q: I am having trouble adjusting the speed of the speech in KNFB Reader.

A: You may have better results by modifying the speech speed setting in system settings.

Q: How can I make the reading voice of KNFB Reader loud enough to hear?

A: When Narrator is running, the reading volume of KNFB Reader may be too low to hear. This can be resolved by switching to the Narrator settings screen and pressing the General Button. Now, uncheck the option “Lower the volume of other apps when Narrator is speaking.” This conflict will be resolved in future versions of Windows.

Q: Once print has been recognized, can a file containing the text be saved?

A: Yes. Files can be saved using the “Save As” option available on the Reader screen. The default file name is the date and time, but this can be changed. Saved files are stored in the File Explorer section of KNFB Reader.

Q: Can files saved in KNFB Reader be stored and shared outside the app?

A: From the File Explorer, files can be exported to another directory anywhere on your Windows device or also saved to OneDrive or Dropbox, or files may be saved automatically to these cloud services if enabled in the settings section of KNFB Reader.