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K–NFB Reading Technology, Inc. was featured on
WUSA channel 9, Washington, DC

kReaderPC Press Coverage
K–NFB Reading Technology, Inc. Announces the kReader PC Innovative Software Solution for Struggling Readers 03/18/09

Mobile Reader Product Line Press Coverage
Nokia Announces kReader Mobile as the American Winner of the “Calling All Innovators” Competition 01/21/09
National French television network, TF1 (video link) reviews knfbReader Mobile French Edition 06/05/08
Diversity Boston "Empowering the Vision Impaired" Spring 2008
Sydney Morning Herald 05/08/08
Smart Phone Today 04/28/08
ABC Radio National: The Science Show 03/01/08
USA Today 02/14/08
Washington Post 02/04/08
NPR 01/29/08
GIZMODO 01/28/08
Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology 01/28/08
Information Weekly 01/28/08
Digital Trends 01/28/08
Press Release (PDF) 1/27/08

Reader Classic Press Coverage
Ability Magazine "New Portable Blind Reader" 12-20-06
Washington Post "In Plain Sight" 08-10-06
NBC5i.com "Talking Camera" by I.J. Hudson
Wall Street Journal "Portable gadget reads text aloud to the blind" 7-26-06
Electronic Design "An Interview with Ray Kurzwel" by Mark David 7-20-06
NYTimes.com "A Scanner-Reader to Take Along Anywhere" by J. D. Biersdorfer 7-13-06
CNN.com (video link) "Device opens the world for blind"
Slashdot "Handheld Device Reads Printed Words to the Blind" by samzenpus on 7-6-06 @12:50AM
CNN.com (video link) "Seeing is believing - device helps the blind read" 6-27-06
USA Today "Handheld device helps the blind read" by Jamie Stengle 6-26-2006
boingboing.net "Handheld device converts text to speech for blind people" 6-21-06
BBC News "Reading 'to go' for blind people" by Geoff Adams-Spink 6-21-06
Baltimore Sun "Device provides words to live by" by Frank D. Roylance. 4-14-2006