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Feedback from Initial Users of the knfb Reader.

"Wow, wow, wow, and wow. All I can say is the K-NFB reader is a fantastic little piece of handheld miracle. With just a bit of training I was off and running using the reader for everything I could get my hands on. I have taken pictures of things the Reader is not really recommended for, and I have yet to run into anything that I can't read that a sighted person can, and sometimes better than they can. I am amazed at the sizes, and amount of different fonts that the reader can handle with almost 100% complete perfection. I can now go to my local news stand and purchase any magazine that I want, and be able to read it anywhere that I want."

Janice Creighton

"The playing field has been equalized with the assistance of the KNFB reader. I feel that the scanner will make me more employable, besides assisting me to do my work independently."

Hope Hein

"I just finished sorting today's mail. What a great feeling I have to be able to accomplish this seemingly trivial task. I didn't have to interrupt my son or daughter, I didn't have to wait for a pair of eyes, and my wife does not have to spend time sorting. [...] As my students would say, ‘The K-NFB Reader rocks!’"

-Mark Feliz

"I was planning to have someone read me the serial number from the battery in my laptop; however, the person could not seem to read the number the same way twice. It wasn't easy -- tiny little print on the end of a long skinny box, but I got it with the K-NFBR. The beauty of this is that the K-NFB Reader, obviously not designed for anything remotely similar to this task, outperformed a sighted reader."

"I find that just doing small things without sighted help gives me a feeling of independence. The potential is just fantastic for this technical camera that talks."

-David and Lori Stayer

"I really didn't know what to expect, when I got it. But, from the first picture I ever took, I was extremely impressed. [...] the Reader is so handy and portable, it’s really extremely useful."

-Cynthia Handel

"I was stunned by the performance of the unit, especially since this is the first iteration, and I am desperately trying to contain my excitement with regarding the opportunities that will be available for the Blind community."

"Yesterday morning my daughter wanted something for breakfast which I didn't have on hand. In the past I would not have made muffins without having the directions read in advance by a sighted person. It was so cool to be able to read the directions independently and not concern myself with the fact that no print readers were at home when I wanted to make muffins. It made my daughter happy too. Wow!"

"A co-worker was scanning a book with OpenBook when I entered the office. I told her that I wanted to demonstrate the Reader so we used the same book. While it was processing, she commented that she would be interested to see what it would do, since the output she was getting from OB was jumbled--I probably don't need to tell you that K-NFBR read it nearly perfectly. Needless to say, she was quite impressed."

"Someone gave me a legal sized piece of print to read. [...] Everyone listened very quietly as the reading kept going and going with pretty much flawless results. It was then that the man who gave me the paper admitted that he had purposely given me what he considered to be a particularly awful piece of material to scan. It was a printout of a half dozen or so power point slides from another presentation. It went perfectly and everyone was very excited. [...] Several of the people said that this was the best part of the session. Folks, this thing is the beginning of a revolution. Rarely does a piece of technology by itself really represent the beginning of an entirely new era for the blind. This one does just that. Okay, I'm done, but man this thing is fun."